7th World Naginata Championship 2019


WNC: July 4 – July 10

TENDŌ-RYŪ SEMINAR: July 2 – July 3

Wiesbaden, Germany


WNC 2019

Dear fellow sports enthusiasts, budoka and friends,
in this time of piercing cold weather, I want to write to you about the upcoming 7th World Naginata Championship.
In only a few months, the German Naginata Federation (DnagB) will hold the first World Naginata Championship in Germany, ever. Our WNC Organizing Team is already working on this project for 2 years now.

And successfully staged the annual INF event in 2017 as a training and trial for the WNC with a lot of dedication. Soccer fans could compare this to the confederations cup just before the World championships. In contrast to the average football federation, the DNagB is a tiny organization running purely on volunteer work. The basic requirements, however, to organize a championship in any sport are the same.

Staging a World Championship, thus, is a titanic effort for all involved. We are very happy to have fellow naginataka and friends willing to invest a lot of free labor and effort into their sport, apart from just practicing it. We want to thank these dedicated individuals of the WNC Organizing Team, and all the people involved from INF, DNagB and ENF who are helping to make the WNC a successful event. Let us look forward towards summer and a great championship.



Tom Waßmann
President DNagB


Arriving by AIR

Frankfurt Airport (Frankfurt am Main, International Airport – FRA).

You can travel easily by train from Frankfurt Airport to Wiesbaden main train station. Depending on the connection it takes about 40 minutes to reach Wiesbaden.

Hahn Airport

There is a shuttle service from Hahn Airport to Mainz main train station, which takes about one hour per trip. From Mainz you can proceed by train and travel to Wiesbaden main train station.

More about the shuttle service: https://www.hahn-airport.de/default.aspx?menu=by_bus&cc=en

Arriving by CAR

There are several parking slots in front of the sports hall.
We are allowed to use them.

Adress of the sports hall:

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 10
65197 Wiesbaden

Arriving by TRAIN

Please note that there a several train stations in Wiesbaden.

Public transport in Wiesbaden

For an overview of all bus stations and bus lines in Wiesbaden use this URL:


The German Naginata Federation reserved an amount of rooms at the youth hostel in Wiesbaden (More information FAQ).
For another accomodation you can have a look at a document called travel planer at:



July 7


July 2 – July 3


July 9 (Written Test) - July 10 (Examination)




Deutscher Naginata Bund e.V. (DNagB)

Tom Waszmann
Wilhelminenhofstraße 11
12459 Berlin


German Naginata Federation Website